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Full House BBQ, is an elevated modernist Filipino-Asian restaurant located vibrant city of Las Vegas founded in 2013. Dignified itself in serving vast variety of Filipino comfort food. We’ve aroused the challenge of construct scrumptious chorale to Philippine cuisine. At Full House, you can find timeless nostalgic dishes along with more contemporary renditions. Our feasts are attuned to suit the innovative palates of this generations’ diners. Dedicated chefs prepare dishes using melange of high quality ingredients, ensuring that each plate is bursting with flavors that truly capture the essence of Filipino cuisine with the modern unique twist to classic authenticity.


The interior is adorned with Filipino-inspired decor, creating an indulging experience for diners. With its warm welcoming hospitality team members immerse both local and tourists’ patrons.


Whether you are Filipino longing for a taste of home or someone who wants to explore the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine, Full House BBQ is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. With its elevated dishes, inviting ambiance, and exceptional service, it has established itself as a beloved Filipino restaurant that captures the heart and soul of Filipino culinary traditions.


Kain na po Tayo!

Commendations and Community Contributions

Featured Restaurant UNLV Art Walk 2019
Featured Restaurant Fil-Am in Focus in collaboration with ACDC

Meet The Team

Meet Chef Alex

Owner & Executive Chef

Chef Alex Irlandes started roaming in the family kitchen when he was eight years old with his great grandmother and grandmother in Pampanga—the culinary capital of the Philippines, and his grandfather who is of Chinese descendent.

After moving to Las Vegas, he started working at a burger joint off the strip, then joined the Mirage team as a kitchen helper, where he had the opportunity to work with prestige and award-winning chef’s.

With the inspiration of a Certified master chef and several executive chef’s, Chef Alex graduated as culinary major after going through the nation’s prestige American Chef Federation culinaryapprenticeship program.

Chef Alex received several culinary awards in various culinary competitions. He trained and worked in European and Asian cuisine and joined several prestige hotel and resorts in Las Vegas. Over the years, Chef Alex was the Director of Culinary Operations at Westgate Resort, Executive Corporate Chef at
Golden Nugget Resort and Casino, Executive Chef at Station Casinos, and Executive Sous Chef at Mandalay Bay Resorts and Casino.

Chef Alex Irlandes
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