Filipino Kamayan Feast


Kamayan is a Filipino tradition where an array of food is served on banana leaves and eaten with hands.

It is a fun, culinary experience that brings families and friends closer by getting in touch with the roots and history of the Philippines.


Noah’s Ark

Includes steamed rice

Two Appetizers

Three from the Land

Three from the Sea

Two from the Garden


**Twenty-four hours reservation with the order in place is required**

Without reservation may take a long wait. It is also available for take-out.

 The number of pax can accommodate per boat is an estimate only, depending on the individual’s appetite.


Note: Kamayan reservations will automatically be served on a boat unless notified by a customer for no-boat preference (food is served directly on banana leaves). Please let us know ahead of time if you prefer to remove the banana leaves and use plates and utensils instead. All pictures are for illustration only, actual product may vary. 



From the Sea


-Grilled or Fried Pompano

-Crispy Boneless Bangus

-Cajun Seafood

-Tempura Shrimp

-Salt & Pepper Shrimp



-Pork and Shrimp Shumai

-Lumpia Shanghai

-Tokwa at Baboy

(Crispy Pork & Tofu)

-Truffle French Fries


From the Garden

-Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Salad

-Spicy Bicol Express

-Ampalaya with Egg

-Tortang Talong


-Salt & Pepper Tofu

-Garlic Chop Suey


From the Land

-Crispy Pork Belly

(Lechon Kawali)

-Pork BBQ

-Grilled Pork (Sinugba)

-Garlicky Pork Adobo

-Pork Rib Kare-Kare

-Pork Tocino

-Sweet Longaniza


-Chicken BBQ

-Lemongrass Chicken Inasal

-Boneless Fried Chicken

-Garlicky Chicken Adobo

-Twice Cooked Fried Chicken 

- Burger Steak Loco Moco

-Beef Rump Steak with Brown Gravy

-Beef Bistek Limone'

-Sirloin Beef Tapa

-Oxtail Beef Stew (Boneless)

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