Meet Chef Alex

Owner & Executive Chef of Full House Modernist Asian Cuisine. Served several positions in the Las Vegas, NV area:

  • Executive Director of Culinary Operations at Westgate Resort

  • Corporate Executive Chef at Golden Nugget Resort and Casino

  • Executive Chef at Sunset Station Casino

  • Executive Sous Chef at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.


Received an American Culinary Federation  Apprenticeship Program at the Mirage Resort and Casino. He has more than 20 years of culinary experience and received awards in many food competitions. 


Meet Rea

Currently working as a host, cashier, server, and part-time cook in Full House Restaurant while finishing Bachelors's Degree in UNLV specializing in Food and Beverage Management. Her hobbies and interests include cooking, working out, and spending time with family.



Stop Your Food Cravings and Famished! Discover How Awesome Your Food Experience Will Be When You Dine With Us


Full House Trio [12 pcs]
lumpia + shumai + tempura shrimp 13.80

Tumpura Vegetables

served with sriracha mayo 7.75

Lumpiang Shanghai 
served with sweet chili 7.99

Sisig Birria Tacos

pork+onions+jalapeno+cheese 9.99

Teriyaki Chicken Bites
roasted sesame seeds 8.75

Crispy Pork & Tofu [tokwa’t baboy]
chili garlic vinegar 7.99

 Crispy Shumai in Chili Oil
pork & shrimp + house blend citrus soy 8.99

Truffle Fries
served with banana ketchup 5.75



Sisig Iron Plates

Marinated then grilled + hashed well

citrus soy + pepperoncini + onions + spicy mayo + egg

served with steamed rice – 14


Lechon Pork Sisig *

 Milkfish Sisig [bangus] *

Chicken Sisig *


Crispy Concoction

Includes with choice of rice or fries

Crispy Lechon Pork Belly

served with lechon sauce

Regular 12.99 Sharable +6


Salt & Pepper Jumbo Shrimp

handcrafted spices + pickled relish 16.99


Crispy Garlic Pompano [Whole]

twelve spice powder 15.99


 Whole Boneless Milkfish ’Bangus’ 

marinated + FH mignonette mp


Salt and Pepper Pork

tossed in handcrafted soy blend 13.99


 Crispy Fried Chicken
Regular 12.50 Sharable +5


Gourmet Burgers

Includes greens, tomato, and garlic truffle fries 13.99

Don’t Be Jealous *

beef patty + longanisa + fried egg + sriracha mayo


Oxtail Burger

beef patty + pickled veggies

crispy onions + mozzarella


Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

pickled veggies + bomb sauce


 Noble Classics

served with steamed rice

Beef Sirloin Bistek

onions + citrus soy reduction 14.99


Chicken or Pork Adobo *

vinegar soy + potato

fried egg 14.99


 Pork Bicol Express

spicy coconut cream sauce

veggies 14.99

Sizzling Beef Shank(Bulalo)

fall off the bone beef shank

umami brown gravy 15.99


Braised Oxtail


creamy peanut sauce 17.99


Crispy Pork Belly Dinuguan

beef blood orange sauce 14.99



Includes your choice of rice or noodles

Grilled Whole Bangus

 marinated + boneless mp


Grilled Pork or Chicken Steak

[BBQ Glazed or Sinugba Style]

Regular 12.99 Sharable + 5


Roasted Char Siu Pork Ribs

honey glazed + special spices 14.99



Fire Roasted Chicken Inasal

72 hours bathed in lemongrass + garlic spice  

Regular 12.50 Sharable +6


Grilled Pompano

lemon pepper + oyster sauce 15.99

Charbroiled Beef Sirloin

regular 13.99 Sharable +7


sharable hot pot


served with steamed rice


Sinigang Tamarind Sour Soup

with Seasonal Vegetables

Which meat or seafood you prefer?

Pork ribs 14.99

Beef Shank 15.99

Whole Pompano 15.99  

Shrimps 16.99


Oxtail Beef Soup

intense broth + an array of seasonal veggies 16.99


Savory Beef Shank Hot Pot [Nilagang Bulalo]

slow-cooked + root veggies + spiced broth 15.99


Creamy Chicken Hot Pot [Tinola Sa Gata]

coconut  cream + ginger + veggies + garlic chips 14.99

Cosmic Fries


Lechon Fries [crispy pork belly] *

egg + cheese + sriracha mayo 11.99


Oxtail-Beef Fries *

cheese + crispy onions + egg 11.99


Sisig Fries

onions + cheese + egg + peppers + sriracha mayo 11.99


Brunch Silog  

Includes your choice of garlic java rice or steamed rice


Sirloin Tapa & Eggs * 13.99

Milkfish [Bangus] & Eggs * 14.99

Pork Tocino & Eggs * 13.99

Longanisa & Eggs * 13.99

Additional sides

tapa 7

milkfish bangus 8

longanisa 6

tocino 6

(2) eggs 3


Ramen Noodle



Oxtail Stew Egg Ramen *

beef broth + egg+ veggies + shredded + garlic chips 11


 Roasted Chicken & Egg Ramen  *

 veggies + cilantro + garlic chips 10.99


Shumai & Egg Ramen *

egg + veggies + garlic chips 11.50

Crispy Pork Belly Ramen

tonkotsu + veggies + garlic chips 11.50

Stir-Fried Noodles Pancit

Stir Fried Soy Rice Noodle

[Loaded Pancit Bihon] * 

Jumbo shrimp + chicken + crispy belly 

egg + veggies + secret soy blend 14.99


Jumbo Shrimp Pan Roast

 [Palabok] *

lobster cream sauce + porchetta

 veggies +  egg + noodles 14.99


Chow Mein Noodles

[Pancit Canton] *

Jumbo shrimp + chicken + crispy belly

veggies + egg + pan gravy 14.99

Lechon Kawali Ramen Carbonara

crispy pork belly + asiago cheese + cream sauce 14.99


Fried Rice

Loaded Fried Rice *

shrimp + chicken + lechon kawali + sunny egg 12.99


 Shrimp Fried Rice *

veggies + sunny egg 14.75


Chicken Fried Rice *

veggies + sunny egg 12.75


Oxtail Adobo Fried Rice *

veggies + sesame + sunny egg 12.99


Garlic Java Fried Rice

garlic + sesame oil 9.99


 Truffle Lechon Bagoong Fried Rice *

crispy pork  + veggies + sunny egg 12.99



Lechon Pinakbet

mélange of bitter melon + kabocha

eggplant + other veggies + shrimp sauce 14.99


Ampalaya with Beef & Egg *

onion + tomato + seasoned then wok fried  13.99


Torta Eggplant Frittata *

served with banana ketchup 12.99


Spicy Salt & Pepper Tofu

crispy tofu + house blend seasoning 12.99


 Full House